HOVISSE Medical Research Project



The HOVISSE (Haptic Osteosynthesis Virtual Intra-operative Surgery Support Environment) project is a medical Virtual Reality research undertaking currently conducted in collaboration with the University Hospitals of Zurich and Basel and the Computer Science Department of the University of Basel.

HOVISSE aims at developing a framework of software applications to provide a seamless digital support environment for Osteosynthesis in trauma care. It will offer assistance starting with the pre-operative planning phase and continuing to the intra-operative surgery phase. Through use of Virtual and Augmented-Reality technologies as well as Computer Haptics, the project tries to improve the Osteosynthesis work-flow through a coherent stereoscopic 3D immersive data environment. The research project which is financed by the Hasler Foundation started in January 2006 and is planned to run for three years.

The Computer Perception and Virtual Reality research group of the Berne University of Applied Sciences (BFH) is the main project contractor and the responsible partner for software development and system integration.

ANEMA SOLUTIONS took responsibility in providing custom 3d characters (models and animations) to the Berne University of Applied Sciences (BFH), converting them into any desired format and to integrate them smoothly into the custom realtime 3D engine.

Reference contact: Prof. Urs K├╝nzler